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Hello gang!  I got a new phone so that’s all taken care off, feel free to give me a holler on it.  Getting basslines down with my producer Aaron.  He’ll be taking bass duties on the album, all over the album actually, maybe even inside the album..ok sorry.  I had a swell thankgiving but am looking forward to the next few weeks.  I’ll get some work done on this yet to be be named album before chirstmas and hopefully y’all can hear a little sample before too long.  I’ll also be updating my webpage with a new winter theme and a store where you can buy Clint Weaner supplies!  Hora Horay.  jump on in. see ya.

Phone are for breaking…please use email to conatact me (update – got a new phone!)

Hi everyone,

First off my phone is broken so if you’d like to contact me shoot an email to  Things are going well, I’ve been in the studio (Spiral Sounds)with Aaron and Jonny a ton and the drum tracks are all done being recorded.  I lost some pics on the phone but will post more as I get ’em.  Jonny’s a pro and laid down those drum tracks no problem, and my producer Aaron did his job and made things sound awesome, great to be working with such good dudes.  Next up is bass and guitars.  My manager Madie and I are looking for new places for me to play this winter so let me know where I should be playing and I’ll play there.  Love ya!

News Songs, New Album, New Life

It’s been a good summer of playing live and writing songs.  Now that we’re in the depths of a chilly fall, I’m lucky to have some great projects to look forward to.  I’ll be recording my next album at Spiral Sound with producer and sound engineer, Aaron Wolinski.  We’ve been going through my material and have cut it down to ten songs, most of which have been written in the past few months,  but a couple have been around for a while.  I’m excited to be working with Aaron and think his skills can add something really special to my music.  We plan to begin recording drum tracks in a few weeks and hope to have the record finished by spring.  I plan to post often about the project often and bring y’all along for the ride!  So please check back soon for more details.  xo-clint

Playing Indoors @ The Yard Firday

I’m still playing at The Yard on Fridays, but the performance will be indoors from now on.  It’s like Autumn broke into my house at 4am, made me pancakes, woke me up and said, “hi Clint it’s me Autumn!  I came super early and made you pancakes!”  then I said, “oh geeze Autumn you know I love ya but it sure is early, maybe come back a little later eh?”  Autumn didn’t like that at all.  She totally freaked out and it’s been cold ever since.  So yea…I’m playing indoors now.  Hope you see you there!

New Shows at The Leland Lodge


I’m excited to annouce many new dates at The Leland Lodge!  Starting Sunday the 8/31 and continuing mainly on Saturdays I’ll be plaing outside or inside from around 6-9pm.  The Leland Lodge has a warm, familiar atmosphere and is a staple of Leelanau County culture. I’ll be playing more mellow stuff and lots of original material, please come out and enjoy!

Shows Every Friday at The Yard!

The Yard Clint Weaner Flyer


I’ll be playing at The Yard every Friday starting THIS FRIDAY from 5:30 – 8:30 !! Come check me out on the outdoor patio, playing originals and covers.  I’m really excited to have a weekly gig at such a perfect spot.  I’ll be there every Friday from now until it gets cold.  See you there!!  The Yard, 221 E State St. 49684

Hosting Open Mic Tonight @ the Beach!

I’ll be the MC, host, sound guy and whatnot at the weekly Open Mic By The Bay tonight from 5:30-8pm at Clinch Park in Traverse City!! It’s a beatiful day so all you talented people come on down and show your stuff!

New Song, “Hot Car”

I’ve got a demo for my new song, “Hot Car” up on Soundcloud.  Let me know what ya think!



Hosting Open Mic By the Bay on August 6th

On Wednesday, August 6th I’ll be running the open mic at Clinch Park. I played there last week and it’s an awesome place to hangout and play or listen to music. We’ve got a great sound system to use thanks to Freshwater Events. So just bring your insturment and rip it up. It’s right by the Rivertown Cafe where you can get food and whatnot. It’s the prettiest open mic in town so come on by.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 6th @ 5:30-8ish

Clint playing on West Bay

Clint playing at Open Mic by the Bay



You can find me on Gig Salad

I just signed up for Gig Salad.  It’s a webpage where people can find singer/guitar players for their events.  I like the page because I can send quotes, contracts, and find gigs that are more personal, like parites or weddings.  I’ve gotten some good leads so far and hope it’ll help folks find me and book me.  If you know of anyone looking for some live entertainment for a private party or the like, send them my way,