Month: July 2014

New Song, “Hot Car”

I’ve got a demo for my new song, “Hot Car” up on Soundcloud.  Let me know what ya think!



Hosting Open Mic By the Bay on August 6th

On Wednesday, August 6th I’ll be running the open mic at Clinch Park. I played there last week and it’s an awesome place to hangout and play or listen to music. We’ve got a great sound system to use thanks to Freshwater Events. So just bring your insturment and rip it up. It’s right by the Rivertown Cafe where you can get food and whatnot. It’s the prettiest open mic in town so come on by.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 6th @ 5:30-8ish

Clint playing on West Bay

Clint playing at Open Mic by the Bay



You can find me on Gig Salad

I just signed up for Gig Salad.  It’s a webpage where people can find singer/guitar players for their events.  I like the page because I can send quotes, contracts, and find gigs that are more personal, like parites or weddings.  I’ve gotten some good leads so far and hope it’ll help folks find me and book me.  If you know of anyone looking for some live entertainment for a private party or the like, send them my way,

Summer time y’all

It’s another summertime day in Michigan.  I had a great time playing some songs at the Open Mic By the Bay last night, what a perfect place to play music.  I’ll be hosting that same open mic on August 6th, so come down and do your thing.  My band, Ironclad Union has gotten a few shows booked, really excited about that.  We’ve been sounding great at rehersals and I think people will dig our show.  Just straight up good time rock and roll, can’t be beat.  Check out the GIGS page for more info.


Take off your dress WordPress + Cherry Fest blows toes

Hi gang!

So as you can see I’m slowly learning how to get this webpage looking cool, with info and all that.  It was a real pain in the ass when I started but now that I’ve figured out a few things I’m having a little fun with it!  Finally my very own webpage, that I can update, callooh callay!

Ok, next topic, thank the lord of crappy summer festivals that Cherry Festival has finally come to an end!!  Now that I live downtown, the complaining I’ve always heard from TC residents seems totally justified.  Sure there’s the f-18s flying around every day forcing dogs and ptsd survivors to take an extra xanax before making a mission to the grocery store.  Sure there’s the trafffic that turned a 15 mile drive to band practice into an hour and a half commute through a tourist driver minefield.  But what really gets me, what really urks my burkinstocks are the touists or people who moved here recently telling me, “I don’t know why you all hate Cherry Festival, it makes the town so much money…”  You understand the festival is in the begining of July right?  You understand this is one of the most beautiful places in THE WORLD to visit this time of year, and your telling me if it weren’t for Cherry Festival no one would visit our little town and we’d have to all pack up and get jobs at some Grand Rapids furniture factory?  Look, we grow a lot of Cherrys here, and it’s great to celebrate that, but lets make it a 3 day festival that is something to be proud of.  Not a week and ahalf long tribute to the lowest lifeforms in our region.  And all this, just to ensure the salaries of Cherry Festival employees can stay as bloated and apathetic as the miles of cardboard beer boxes and broken styrofoam coolers bobbing like peaches after fireworks on west bay.