Month: September 2015

Shows, The Band, DFTC and more…

Hi folks! Clint here, chillin on Friday afternoon. I played at 7 Monks last night, had a great time. It was a fun week for me playing shows. I did The Parlor, Brew, 7 Monks, and a private thing at a hair salon. So some nice variety, and thankfully they all went really well. I sold a bunch of CDs too! That’s how I keep the lights on so THANKYOU so much to everyone who buys my stuff. Honestly the money goes right back into making songs, so all you people with great tastes in music can stay satisfied 😉

Now is the part of this job that I’m not always so good at….getting more gigs. I’ve got a couple weddings coming up but the calendar is way too open…that’ll change though right? I just gotta hit the pavement and talk to the great bar and restaurant owners in this town. It’s not such a big deal, I’d just rather be writing songs and recording them ya know? I’m not always the most social fella, so it can be hard for me to reach out, I’m always overthinking it…ok anyway. Also trying to get some dates out of TC and spread the word of Weaner throughout the countryside 😉

Really happy to have my album out and available to the people. Working on getting it on Spotify, iTunes, etc. and it should be up in a week or so depending this and that. I’m having some issues with my name, using only my first name and whatnot, i dunno it’s weird, iTunes has these rules you have to follow…anyway, my team (me and Aaron) is on it!! Until then you can get the album on bandcamp or simply email me and I’ll send you a copy, you can pay through paypal. kinda janky but I’m getting it figured out… just just calm down okay!! ;);) Also I’m excited to be working on some video projects, a promo vid for DFTC and eventually a music vid. The lack of shows over the next month will give me some time to work on that stuff. I’ll also be out doing the open mics and whatnot, so look for me at Northern Naturals, Union St. and Left Foot Charlie’s during their open mics. Those are always a lot of fun with some really cool people playing and hanging out.

Lastly,but not leastly!! I’ve got a band together and am working on getting shows for a 4-5 piece Rock&Roll band. This is really exciting, if you’ve never seen me perform with a band you’re in for a show. We played through DFTC on Monday and I know it’s a special group, just gotta stay on top of it. The guys in the band are some badass players and totally dedicated to the work. We’ve got my man Luke on backup vocals and random tamborine, guitar etc, Jonny the wiz kid who played on the album taking care of the drums, and JP giving that bass what it deserves, also producer man Aaron uses some synth and other cool ambient noises to keep it spicy . Love this stuff man. Ok I’m gonna grab some lunch and send some emails. Thanks for checking me out and please tell your friends about my album. peace y’all

new poster ;)

ClintWeaner September Posterin case you havn’t figured it out I make these things myself, hope you like it!

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