Howdy y’all, winters on its way out and there’s some great stuff happening!

I was on the radio this morning talking about my album (Drive Fast, Take Chances) and promoting some upcoming shows.  I also played a couple songs live in studio!  The first was “Vacation”, from my album, and the second was a brand new song, I think I’m calling it, “We Wait, We Fail”.  Thanks WTCM and Christal Frost for inviting me down to the studio, it was a great way to start the week.

Speaking of new songs, I’ve been working on demos for my new EP coming this summer.  It’s looking like a 4 song project.  I’ve written lots of new material but want to keep this project simple since I’ll be recording and producing it myself, in my home studio.  That’s right, trust no one!!  Well actually I’ll have the help of my band, The Crescent Fresh, which wasn’t the case on my last album Drive Fast, Take Chances (DFTC).  That was a songwriter & producer type project and this one will be a self produced, band oriented affair.  I’m bringing the songs and the band members are running them through their magic minds and coming up with accompaniments soaked in their own creativity.  The plan is to get the demos recorded, then use those demos to promote a small Kickstarter campaign to help purchase a few upgrades to the studio; a Sure SM7 for vocals, a low cost interface with 4 inputs to record drums (my Apogee Duet only has 2, but we’ll still use that for vocals, guitar, etc.) some new drum heads, and  some cash for online/CD distribution and marketing.  Cool stuff eh?

Also, I’ve got some shows coming up at GT Distillery, Brew, and of course, every Tuesday at The Parlor.  Check out the shows tab for dates, hope to see you out enjoying yourself this spring.  Love ya!