Fall is the best time for making music



been busy writing music lately, gota get some lyrics down but I’ve got a butt load of music.  this season is undiniblely influencing the work of many artists in the area.  it like we’re suddenly part of the world exploding in color, and when the sun’s out like it has been, it’s so damn inspiring.  Then while its going down you realize its getting dark early and winter’s coming.  you want to love and you remember all the times you’ve loved and you feel good knowing it’s still inside you.  but sad because you’re alone and working, always working.  and there’s a long winter ahead that begs to be burried in work, but that’s the fucking best, at least for me,,,,,tho what i really need to work on..the business of this whole endeavor..is really what needs attention…but I’m nowhere without the songs so whatever dawg.  I have an idea…i’m going to start writing lyrics at the places I’d like to play music at.  Then I’ll be able to be myself and enjoy creating, while putting myself in a position where I could get a gig.  We’ll see how that goes.

took some pictures and video during the incredible indian summer (can we still use that term??ask the pc police for me 🙂  )we’ve been enjoying.  will be putting out a simple music vid for a song, not sure which one yet.  I’m making it myself, per usual 🙂  dont weep for me friends…also working on HOUSE SHOW!!! soon, more info soon on that one.

:):) xo – love ya kidos


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