keep it goin

been a busy couple of weeks just wrapping my head around things.  Trying to figure out what to focus on and i’m so easily distracted.  I’ve been messing around with electronic sounds and it really excites me.  One of my liabilities as an artist is my ecletic style.  I need to turn that into my weapon.  I need to create a sound that represents me and roll with that.  My last album was duelistic, the first half being more traditional and the second more experimental.  But the experimental wasn’t that experimental…more just searching for my sound.  I think the specifics of the sound may lie in my produciton and my ability to use the studio as an inturment, and i think that’s what’s going on right now.  I’m working on my produciton technique and don’t have the ability (yet) to create the electronic sounds I imagine.  So I think the key is to stick to the traditional folk rock song but throw in the newness as it comes.  But i can’t be afraid of the unknown and the work it takes when you’re creating somthing so new and different.

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