If you’re interested in booking or have questions please send an email to clintweaner@gmail.com OR fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.  Clint has played all sorts of places and can provide a variety of music.  See the list of venues below to get an idea of his experience.

phone – 231-944-4858


Venues Clint’s rocked out at

7 Monks Taproom
Aerie Lounge
Black Star Winery
Cicone Winery
Grand Traverse Resort
Haggarty Center
Horizon Books
Leland Lodge
Northern Naturals Cider House
The Parlor
Right Brain Brewery
The River Cafe
Stormcloud Brewing Company
Willow Vineyard
The Yard

Business after hours events
Charity Events
National Cherry Festival Queen’s Ball
House Shows